2nD partner meeting in italy

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We are pleased to report the successful conclusion of our second Project Partner Meeting for our collaborative project, hosted by our Italian partner, the University of Padova in Italy. This represented a noteworthy landmark for the FOREE project, which focuses on the development of a “Train of Trainers Handbook Design” and a tailor-made “Digital Toolkit” for blended learning in forestry education.

Particularly noteworthy accomplishments include the finalisation of the handbook. Partners contributed to this guide by emphasizing creative blended learning techniques and building a cohesive base for meaningful forestry education.

In addition, the collective endeavour yielded a flexible Digital Toolkit for Blended Learning containing varied resources that can be adapted to different learning settings and encourage a lively and impartial training experience.

Furthermore, the project encompasses creating Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to aid educators in crafting web-based teaching modules. The objective is to equip teachers with the necessary abilities for a seamless switch to digital forestry education.

In the future, our attention will be on optimizing the manual to meet the users’ input and diverse educational settings. The refinement of the MOOC initiative is ongoing to be an instructional reference for online training creation.

The second meeting of the FOREE initiative partners showcased a collaborative spirit, establishing a strong foundation for the project’s future. We anticipate further progress and positive contributions to forestry education, fuelled by the commitment of our collaborators and shared vision for innovative and inclusive instruction.