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FOREE will develop a comprehensive and need-based Train-the-Trainer course (ToT) and MOOC on blended learning models for the specified target groups to boost the transformation of the European forestry education from purely classroombased courses to a flexible hybrid education system through the complementary use of digital learning concepts, tools and platforms and their broad application.

Basis for the course design will be an in-depth survey on the digital readiness of forest vocational education and training (VET), the current skills and competencies of forest education staff on eLearning/blended learning models, and the challenges and barriers for the implementation of such models on school and individual level in the partner countries and across Europe. National focus groups with representatives of other forest education centers will provide further guidance on individual and institutional needs.

The ToT course will be piloted in all 4 partner countries, where the partners act as regional hubs for other forest schools and training centers providing training to own and other forest education staff. The MOOC will be piloted on European level to provide digital competencies and skills to a wider audience.

For securing the sustainability of the project results, FOREE will also specifically address policy and decision makers related to forest education and create awareness for cooperation and collaboration on course level, shared digital infrastructure, and virtual teacher mobility as an opportunity in European Forest Education.





The FOREE Report on the status of e-learning, or blended learning, in European forestry education presents results based on contributions from staff working in forestry education. In total, 89 teachers and principals from 37 forestry education centers in 9 countries participated in the online survey, and 71 participants from 24 institutions took part in the six Focus Groups organized by FOREE partners.

Discover a Training of Trainers Handbook on digital tchnologies, digital learning activities and forestry related contents and competencies, including a Tool-Kit section with links to video and online materials to motivate and to guide teachers, trainers and coaches to design, implement,
monitor Forestry Education modules through experiential and blended learning solutions.


LINK to a Multilingual Educational DIGITAL TOOLBOX

Train-the-Trainer course design

Course design based on e-didactics and blended learning models. The course makes teachers, trainers and coaches fit for digital content creation and digital knowledge transfer.

National guided courses for forest education staff

Blended ToT courses where online sessions are mixed with exercises and working on real-world problems . Project partners act as regional hubs (peer-learning) providing training to education staff from other Forest Education Centers.

Online course (MOOC) on blended learning in forest education

MOOC on blended learning in forest education for a wider European audience (English language only). Feedback and evaluation of course outcome.