Insights from 6 Focus Groups Workshops

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Between March and May of this year, we organized Six Focus Groups workshops involving principals and trainers. Two workshops were conducted at the transnational level, while four took place at the national level. A total of 71 passionate participants from 24 institutions across six European countries actively took part.

The discussions were rich and diverse, with participants sharing their valuable experiences and observations. They fearlessly highlighted barriers, complaints, and challenges they face in forestry education. Interestingly, amidst the concerns, there were also positive experiences and innovative problem-solving approaches shared, offering hope for positive change.

Analyzing the feedback, we noticed that some statements directly conflicted with others, reflecting the complexity of the forestry education landscape. Nevertheless, we’ve identified the most frequent and relevant feedbacks, and we’re eager to share them with you.

Find reports on focus groups workshops here:

The findings have reaffirmed the need for a systematic exchange between forestry education institutions, aligning perfectly with our vision for the FOREE Digital Toolbox. By fostering this exchange, we can collectively address the reported issues and build a stronger foundation for sustainable forestry education.

Stay tuned for more updates as we work towards implementing the FOREE Digital Toolbox and driving positive change in forestry education. Together, we can make a significant impact!